In its work eCargoWorld uses transit warehouses in Finland, Germany and Taiwan, which allows to effectively control flows of the goods and to save our clients’ time and money.

Warehouses in Finland

 - a perfect place for consolidation of shipments before departure to Russia and other CIS countries:

  • Fast and convenient border crossing through major border checkpoints: Vaalimaa/Torfyanovka, Nuijamaa/Brusnichnoje, Imatra/Svetogorsk;
  • Minimal delivery time by road transport to Russia (one night to St.Petersburg, two days to Moscow).

The warehouse area inside Helsinki-Vantaa airport terminal is 2300 m2, and its located on the 1-st floor of Finnair Cargo Center, which is an undisputable advantage for quick shipment pick-ups. And proximity to Helsinki sea port (17km) and to main logistics providers’ HUBs offers all conditions for shipments’ fast collection and processing.

The warehouse in Kotka sea port has 45000 m2 of area which is intended for handling of general cargo within marine and intermodal connection:

  • the inside height of ceilings is 7 metres;
  • 55 loading ramps;
  • Heated area (+10ºC);
  • 15 platforms for local container transportation.

Warehouse in Germany

 Germany, due to its location, is the center of Europe’s logistics. Positioned on the crossroad of main transport ways, warehouse in Gelsenkirchen (with area of 18’000 m2) provides regular deliveries by road transport from all Europe countries, each day.

Warehouse in Taiwan

 (Republic of China). Smooth movement of Asian hi-tech industry center towards Taiwan allowed us to offer consolidation warehouse services in Taipei.

On the basis of given warehouses we offer the following 

warehouse services

  • long bonded customs warehouse

     (warehouse in Finland);
  • regular deliveries to Moscow and St.Petersburg

     (warehouse in Finland);
  • procedures of customs formalization (closing EX1, T1, opening TIR)

      in a round-the-clock customs of Finland (Finland);
  • urgent domestic pick-ups

     by own 50 cbm truck (Finland);
  • precise preparation and formalization of documents: CMR, TIR, NCTS, AREX, ELEX, T1, ITU;

     (European warehouses);
  • insurance of forwarders’ liability and for all-risks/full value

     (European warehouses);
  • urgent shipment delivery from any point in Taiwan

     (warehouse in Taiwan);
  • loading documents preparation and renewal

     (warehouse reports, loading/unloading and acceptance acts, loading process photos etc.);
  • weighting, document neutralisation, marking, packing, re-packing, shipment palletising, package labelling;

  • warehousing and short-term storing

     with all necessary security and storage requirements;
  • loading and unloading services.

Transit warehousing