International road freight across Europe and Taiwan.

Map road freight across Europe.Road freight forms an essential part of our eServices. We organize goods transportation of part and full truck load, as well as groupage services via consolidation - any time, anywhere, whenever and wherever you need it.

According to your choice road freight will be done any of the following types of delivery:door to door, door to terminal, terminal to terminal, terminal to door.

Main services

  • LTL

     (less than truck load)
    • Groupage


      Consolidated transportation of small consignments of goods of several clients by one truck allow to achieve substantial savings on freight costs.

    • PTL

       (part truck load)

      Cargo delivery weighing over 2500 kg is more cost-effective at direct transportation of part truck loads.

  • FTL

     (full truck load)

    Standard delivery services for large consignments of goods, as well as special transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, imply separate «door to door» direct trucking with the shortest transit time.

Special services

  • Sea container inland haulage

    This service is applicable when the carrier provides sea container road transportation from the consignor's «door» to the port of loading on the vessel, as well as from the port of vessel's discharge to the consignee's «door», according to the request of the customer. Also we organize international long distance sea container inland haulage to the Russia via Finland's ports of Helsinki and Kotka.

  • Dangerous goods transportation

    The most important thing is to identify and really classify goods (flammable, explosive, oxidizing, corrosive, toxic, radioactive or even various combinations of these properties) that can cause hazard to people, animals, environment or to materials during transportation. All transport logistics participants (carriers, consignors and others) engaged in the carriage of High Consequence Dangerous Goods shall adopt, implement and comply safety features according to the ADR-regulations.

  • Temperature controlled logistics

    Special temperature controlled service provides protect of transportable goods at the required refrigerating range of +2°C to +8°C, as well as controlled ambient +15°C to +25°C.

Value Added Services

Besides main and special services for the road freights you can order a cargo insurance, transit warehousing, customs brokerage.