Safe delivery of your goods, in time

In light of ongoing globalization and following new market demands, many manufacturers moved their production centres to China, India, Bangladesh. By reducing the manufacturing cost they could increase the choice and quality of products. Moving manufacturing facilities might be done easily, but the control of supply chain becomes more complicated.

In eCargoWorld, we execute delivery of our clients' goods from different countries all over the world, each day. Our experience and knowledge of local markets allows us to understand all nuances and pick the best solution for each client.

Sometimes it happens that production dates get shifted and you need to get the goods as soon as possible to compensate the time loss – then we can offer you a solution with best transit time.

Our modern 24/7 internet-based service allows you to get delivery rates by any mode of transport (air-, sea- and road transport), send an order, track movement and control your shipment delivery process all over the world.