The delivery of goods from the consignor to the consignee may be the riskiest stage in the product life. Be sure, we always pay attention to maintenance of cargo safety during transportation. However, cargo may be exposed to risks specific to the mode of transport and taken route, as well as hazards beyond the reasonable control of all parties to the contract.

To protect our clients’ interests in case of losses caused by cargo damage, loss etc., we offer them “all-risk” insurance.

Key advantages of this service:

  • "All risk" coverage;
  • Favorable, reasonable, clear calculated premiums;
  • Rapid and un-bureaucratic claims settlement;
  • Simplified evidencing process in the event of damage or loss;
  • Full and comprehensive compensation up to the amount of the insured value;
  • No special knowledge in liability law is required to assert claims, meaning low administration and accounting costs;
  • One window appeal with your freight and insurance requirements.

We offer insurance coverage of different types of cargo, carried by air-, sea-, road and combined transport, using full- and less then container load (FCL/LCL), full- and less then truck load (FTL/LTL) against accidents and other perils that may cause damage to or loss of cargo.

Moreover, our company’s forwarder liability is insured in well-known insurance company «If P&C Insurance» (insurance policy No 42363404). It acts as a certain guarantee of our solvency when the insured event occurs.